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For our first 3 clients, we're offering free consultation for an entire year!

This includes anything from content strategization to social media marketing, and much more.

We'll be just a quick message away to help you plan and develop your content strategy whenever you may need it.

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Creative Strategy Details
Web Design Details
E-Commece Details

Details & Conditions

Each offer is limited to a maximum of 3 clients for each service. Clients may choose multiple services if needed.

Creative Strategy

Clients will be able to enjoy a full year of creative strategization and consultation without any charge. Scheduling for calls and meetings will be subject to consultant and client availability and their date and time shall be mutually agreed upon. 

Strategization includes developing a storytelling strategy, selecting the best content and platform for your needs and assessing the most effective methods to meet your objectives. These can be increase conversions, create a brand identity, or simply change the nature of your content. 

This service does not include photography, videography or editing services for the content discussed.

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Web Design

Client will receive a fully optimized and mobile friendly website or landing page for their business or needs.

Images used on the website are to be provided by the client. If not the case, then standard stock images related to the website will be utilized.

We will get in touch with you on a weekly basis to go over the current status of the website, or at more frequent intervals if deemed necessary. Clients will be able to view their website at anytime by making a collaborator account if they wish to do so through WIX or Shopify, depending on the platform being used. If not, we will be readily available to get on a call with the client and share the current design status.

Any additional costs related to website hosting, domains, templates or more will be assumed by the client.

Once the website/landing page is complete, we will request that you provide a brief testimonial on our work. Following this we will deliver your site.

Upon delivery, the client can enjoy 6 months of free regular web checks, optimization and maintenance.

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Clients must be small to medium businesses already selling either physical or digital products. We will help you with the following elements:

  • Fully optimized mobile and desktop friendly website design.

  • Domain set up

  • Product integration and inventory set up

  • Admin set up

  • Social media business accounts set up

We will also provide support to clients for a full year after set up has concluded.


Support includes but is not limited to:

  • Product & inventory management

  • Social media support

  • E-commerce strategy consultations

  • Website optimization

Costs related to website hosting, domains, advertisements, content creation and any other additional ones will be assumed by the client.

Once the site is ready to launch we will request a brief testimonial from the client. Once received we will transfer the site over and remain as admins for any future help you may need.

Upon delivery you will be able to enjoy 6 months of free consultations and regular website checks and maintenance at no additional cost.

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