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When You Should Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are amazing tools for efficiently screening and capturing leads or sales for your business. They provide an extremely simple and easy to digest layout for visitors to navigate and convert. This is a big reason why many companies and entrepreneurs use landing pages for very specific marketing goals. We'll take a look at different scenarios where a landing page would work well and let you decide if one would work for your business.

Scenario 1

You're about to launch a new product/service and need to collect as many leads as possible for email marketing or ads.

In this case, your priority is probably not disclosing as much info about your product/service; but providing just enough insight as to what you're doing to get visitors interested to sign up for your newsletter.

This is a great tactic used by countless businesses that want to build excitement around a new product launch. The actual cost of a landing page can be almost negligible depending on what builder you use and collecting emails through whatever form you set up is usually completely free! After this, you can use these emails to retarget visitors (but that's a topic for another article.)

Scenario 2

You have one main product or service that you want to push to the market. Your objective is to have a straightforward page that includes essential information that will drive conversions.

In this case, many businesses structure their landing pages as if it told a story. You want to capture your visitor's attention from the start with a powerful hook addressing their pains or wants. Following this, you can direct the narrative in any way you like in order to influence that buying decision. This is a great way of getting your point across and getting conversions in an uncomplicated way.

Scenario 3

You run a consulting firm and want to collect leads so that you can get back in touch to close a sale.

This one is a little trickier, but it can be done. Usually, when a visitor looks for a consultant, credentials are key to deciding whether or not that company/individual is the right one. With a landing page, you only have one page to make this happen, meaning you have to introduce yourself, your experience, and your offering in a seamless manner. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Not exactly. In fact, hundreds of entrepreneurs use landing pages to drive conversions and schedule phone calls because of their simplistic nature.

Remember, a landing page is like telling a story. You drive the narrative that hooks the visitor initially and later introduces them to why you are the best fit to solve their problem. If you can convince the visitor of this with minimal content, it's smooth sailing from there.

Landing pages are amazing for marketing your product/service in an easy-to-navigate, direct manner. They help your visitors stay focused on the main message you are trying to bring across without the clutter that you can find on some websites.

Are you familiar with any of these past scenarios? Maybe you're contemplating developing a landing page now. If that's the case, remember that storytelling and simplicity are your best friends.

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