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Use a Website, Not a Landing Page

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

You're not a salesperson, nor are you trying to collect 1000 leads in the most efficient way possible. You care about the aesthetic and feel of your site just as much as its functionality. You know that first impressions matter and want to make sure that your visitors are WOW'd by the content on your site.

As much as you'd like to do this with a landing page, it isn't always possible. Let's remember one key thing. A landing page is a singular page usually developed with an end goal in mind, using the minimal amount of information necessary in order to influence a visitor's decision.

You don't care too much about this. You want a hub for all the information or content that you would like to provide, without limits.

With a website, you can set up a platform with multiple pages, sections, or categories that organize your information, products, blog posts, and more. The possibilities are truly endless if you want to build a site. This is a place where you can let your expertise and content shine in a unique way. This is why most bloggers and multi-product/service companies opt for a website. The creative liberties in developing your site are incomparable to those available for a landing page, let alone the possibilities for structuring content in a way that continues to keep visitors engaged.

However, like a landing page, your site should have a general objective. This can be to inform about a series of topics, drive sales to your newest collection of products, or boast about the consulting services your company provides. The one thing in common is that all of these are trying to achieve something and your site should be set up in a way that facilitates navigation towards that objective.

Sure, you can fill it up with all types of content related to what you do, but it should still follow a specific structure so as to guide your visitors to what's important. Simple navigation, calls-to-action, internal links, and content optimization are just a handful of things to consider when you're designing your website. So make sure you plan out exactly what you want your site to accomplish and design accordingly.

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